This Course Will Show You How to Create Your Own Low-cost Customized Money Machine—Your Way and on Your Terms—with No Risk.

Michael E. AngierMichael Angier, here . . .

For over 40 years, I've been studying, practicing and teaching the proven principles of success in life and business.

And now we've added a new dimension to assist you in creating steady and reliable streams of income.

Why We Created this Program for You

A large percentage of those approaching or arriving at retirement age simply do not have the income to retire in comfort. These are hard-working, honest and experienced people. We simply want to help them generate income from what they know, love and enjoy.

By being part of this program, you will learn and apply this system to monetize your passion and experience. Our emphasis is on simple, no- or low-cost business models designed to support your lifestyle.

Real financial independence is knowing you can always generate the income you need. This course will show you precisely how to do that.

I'm willing to hand you my blueprint for a complete Lifestyle Business

low cost
no risk
low overhead
part time work, full time income
flexible schedule
portable: live and work anywhere
leverage your expertise & experience
learn at your own pace
highly interactive

This program is a comprehensive, take-you-by-the-hand and show-you experience that will lead you step-by-step in designing, creating and benefiting from a Lifestyle Business.

In less than 90 days, you can be experiencing ongoing income streams!

This Can Be a Major Turning Point for You

Almost all success stories of individuals and companies can be traced back to one single point in time—to one decision or event—that made a profound change in the way they operated. This program can be that for you.

“If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less.”

Shinseki—General Eric Shinseki Chief of Staff, U. S. Army



Be prepared for discoveries, ahas, insights and significant breakthroughs. Make your business work FOR YOU instead of YOU working for it. Ordinary people can produce extraordinary results if they have the clarity, the tools and the belief to make it happen. And by participating in this program, you’ll have all that and more to create a profitable and fulfilling enterprise.

Benefits of Participating

In this program you will:

learn to create income streams of $1,000 to $7,000 a month
find the sweet spot of something you love, something you're good at—and a ready market
design a lifestyle business your way on your terms
explore various business models and select the best one for you
research and position your products or service to win
determine the tools and services you need for your business
build a loyal tribe of followers
create a marketing and sales funnel to ensure ongoing profits
build a list and use eMail marketing
see how to get others to sell your products
understand the mind-set and attitude needed to succeed
learn how to outsource virtually everything
and more . . .

“Having spent a couple of years as a gold member of Success Net, I was thrilled to sign on for The Lifestyle Business System. I knew that it would be exactly what I needed to put my business on track again. I had lost focus, and didn't know where to go in order to get it back. As a participant in The Lifestyle Business System, Michael gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to create a business that will leverage my skills, experience and knowledge, with what was missing; the understanding of an online business system.

  Couple that with a “lifestyle” goal I have, and The Lifestyle Business System “clicked”. It just made sense. I've been a consultant and worked with small to medium businesses for a good part of my career. But the course enabled me to see how it can be done easier, faster and more profitably. I now feel like I have the tools—and a good start—for creating a business that will serve me and my clients for years to come. If you’re looking for a business plan to enhance your lifestyle, I enthusiastically endorse The Lifestyle Business System.”

WeberSieg—Sieg Weber California, USA

And there's More ...

You Get these Super Bonuses!

(Courses within the Course)

25 Website Traffic Methods Training & Squeeze Page System

dvd-1-jpg-small dvd-2-jpg-small

Topics Covered Are:

  • SEO
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • PPC Ads
  • Amazon
  • Blogging
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Blogging
  • Joint Ventures
  • Blog Commenting
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • and much more ...
Plus . . .

2-Part "25 Website Traffic Methods Exposed" Video Training

Covering 25 ways to generate real visitors to your websites. Value: $27

Proven-To-Convert Squeeze Page Template

So you can instantly start building a list with this after it is done. Value: $47

All PowerPoint Slides Used.

This allows for super easy rebranding! Value: $27

Video file in both MP4 and full size WMV format for simple editing.

Simply upload to your favorite video editing software to make your own. Value: $17

MP3 of the training.

Can listen on your iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, or in your car. Value: $17

PDF version of the PowerPoint slides

Give people another way to learn the training in part 1. Part 2 is loaded with live screen action video. Value: $17

Bonus Report: "How To Setup a Money Funnel Using PLR"

We want to make sure no stone is left unturned. This report teaches you step-by-step how to leverage PLR like this for profit. Value: $27

Bonus Video PLR + Squeeze Page System: "Quick Product Outlines"

Discover how to create winning product outlines in 15 minutes or less. Value: $27

Total Bonus Value: $206.00

Video KnockoutCourseVideo Knockout Course

A brand new, proven, 6-part coaching system . . . giving you the skills and confidence to create and edit your own professional quality, money-making videos . . .faster and better than anything else.

With Video Knockout, you have everything you need

Here are the 6 training modules:
  • The Ultimate Video Quickstart Guide
  • The Invincible Screen Capture and Recording System
  • The Golden Video Studio Recording System
  • The King Kong Mobile Video Development System
  • The Secret Edge Video Editing System
  • The Insider Video Hosting and Delivery System

We’re also giving you Every Single Video Knockout PDF Guide.

Total Bonus Value: Over $100.00

60-Video WordPress TrainingWordPress Mastery Videos

With "WordPress Mastery Videos", you'll receive instant access to a comprehensive set of SIXTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important aspects of WordPress.

You can easily refer to this set of videos whenever you face a problem of not knowing how to do something.

This comprehensive video training teaches you all you need to know to create and manage a WordPress website. Super easy, super fast!

Total Bonus Value: Over $100.00

Your Core Values eCourse“Your Core Values” eCourse

Get clear on and live your core values.

When you know your core values, every decision you make is easier. Sound core values are the foundation of a truly successful life.

(pdf format)

Total Bonus Value: $39.00

Step-Up-To-Success Course“Step Up To Success” eCourse

Learn the fundamentals of what the success rock stars all practice. Principles don't change—tactics do.

This is all about the principles of success.

(pdf format)

Total Bonus Value: $27.00

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you attend go through the course, do the assigned homework, and you are not completely and thoroughly impressed with this program, I will give you a full refund.



This training is intended for  educational purposes only. We do not make any income claims, as your results will vary. Please consult with a trained professional when making important financial decisions.

The Lifestyle Business System has sold for $297 But it’s just been reduced to only $195—OR 3 Payments of $69

Click Here to Enroll with a One-Time Payment of only $195 


Click Here to Enroll for 3 Monthly Payments of only $69 


P.S.: Remember, this 12-module course ALSO comes with FIVE other courses (within the course) AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

  1. 25-Video Website Traffic Methods Training & Squeeze Page System

  2. Video Knockout Course

  3. 60-Video WordPress Mastery Course

  4. Your Core Values eCourse

  5. Step Up to Success eCourse

. . . . . . . . . . .


With the Lifestyle Business System, you get access to an exclusive training library, including:

All 12 video training modules

Complete Step-by-Step 60-Video WordPress Training Course

Extensive list-building training course

Lifetime Gold Membership in SuccessNet

Lifetime access and updates to the course

Copy of The Achievement Code

Report: Launch Your Business on the Web

Step Up to Success Course

SuccessNet Goal Planner

Topics Include:

Your Ideal Lifestyle Business

  • Getting clear: what it is and isn't

  • No, Low Risk, No, Low Cost

  • Yes, you can

  • Why the time is right

  • What you don't need

  • Reduced barriers

  • Profits are better than wages

  • Outsourcing

  • Don't worry. Just get going.

  • You are not your business, but . . .

Monetize Your Knowledge, Experience & Passion

  • The sweet spot

  • Your niche

  • USP, your big promise

  • Scalability & leverage

  • Evaluating ideas

  • Standing Out

  • Determining how viable the market is

  • Keep It Super Simple

 What Kind of Business?

  • Naming your business

  • Legal format

  • Branding

  • Domain names

  • Business services

  • Business models

  • Your one-sheet business plan

Lifestyle Biz Mind-Set 

  • Beliefs

  • Expectations

  • Staying motivated

  • Managing your energy

  • Dealing with discouragement

Your Target Market

  • Your ideal client

  • Finding your ideal clients

  • Primary market

  • Your story

Your Sales Funnel

  • Creating the funnel

  • Your SOS: Sales Operating System

  • Your back end

Building a Tribe

  • Bring people through your funnel

  • Opt-ins

  • Networking

  • Building Relationships

  • Social media

Infrastructure - the factory and storefront

  • Payment processing

  • Banking

  • Tools

  • List Management

  • Technology

  • Resources

Product Creation

  • Opt-ins

  • OTOs

  • Price Points

  • Create Space

  • Kindle

  • ClickBank

  • Udemy

Traffic for Your Business

  • The money's still in the list

  • Traffic Generation

  • Content marketing

  • Paid Traffic

  • Press releases

  • Getting others to sell you

Marketing Principles

  • You are in the biz of marketing

  • 80% of business is marketing

  • Getting attention

  • Niche

  • Branding

  • Features vs. Benefits

  • Credibility & Authority

Momentum, Growth & Scalability

  • Consistency

  • Avoiding BSO Syndrome

  • Your Support System

  • Leverage & Scalability

  • Systems

  • Focus & Concentration

  • Keeping it fun

  • Growth

I would HIGHLY recommend...

“After several of years and a number of investments in previous programs, I took Michael's Lifestyle Business Course. That's when things really came together. The pieces not only fit, they made SENSE. 

I now am clear on what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and how to get it done. I would highly recommend the Lifestyle Business System to anyone who is serious about developing ongoing income streams.”

Larry Frazier, Georgia USA

Provides a road-map...

“The Lifestyle Business System provides a road-map to convert your passion into a viable internet business.”

Joe Nilson, Virginia USA


“Lifestyle Business Systems brought clarity to the process of setting up an online business. The modules incrementally built upon each other, so that there was a road map to go from start to finish.

A lot of great resources were provided, and the lessons were structured so even the non-techie can grasp the concepts. The greatest thing is that this system can be used time and time again to create additional streams of income.”

Leslie Tyson, Hawaii USA

Just what I needed...

“As a business consultant and coach, I tend to participate in programs with an open mind, but a critical eye. I was very pleased with The Lifestyle Business System.

It was well organized, interesting, eye-opening, engaging, and just what I needed.

I've been involved with several of Michael's programs over the years and he always delivers more than promised. I encourage you to enroll.

Lorraine Lane, Florida USA

If you have questions...

call me at 352.470.0812.

The exercises, the information and the strategies we've put together for this program will make today a changing day in your life.

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